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We don’t see many childrens books on Deafness/Hard of hearing that has African American children in them. “My Deaf Friend Can Do Anything You Can do” is about a African American Deaf girl and her hearing best friend living in a neighborhood that some new kids moved into. This story covers the misconception that some hearing people may have towards Deaf people that they cant do anything. This story also covers bullying and how it should not be tolerated just because someone maybe different from you. Expressing the message that Deaf people can do anything. The ABC coloring book also has African American children in them.

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A friend recommended this book after I struggled so much to find a book about deafness that wasn't stereotypical. I loved it. I learned about the experiences of CODA (child of deaf adults) through the experience of the main character. The illustrations and story were lovely, and I'm so glad I now have this in my book collection



Bring awareness to the Deaf community especially African American people in the Deaf community. Deaf and KODA (Kid of Deaf Adult) children being able to read a story that they can relate to. Enlightening those who may not know about the Deaf community and how they go about their everyday lives. 

Giving back to the community

When it comes to giving back to others such as the Deaf community, mothers, fathers, families, and etc. I donate about 10-15 of my book 2-3 times a year to families that are apart of the Deaf community in any shape way or form. I also donate 5 candles for valentines day, mothers day, fathers day, and Christmas. I do a giveaway and the only rules are to let another person know how much you love and appreciate them. Spreading love to others who may need it.

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